Blacc Zacc – Life of a Trapper Album

Blacc Zacc - Life of a Trapper Album

Here is the long awaited music project by Superstar music artist titled Blacc Zacc – Life of a Trapper Album.

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  1. Life of a Trapper
  2. Bows From Out West
  3. Exit 5 Flow
  4. Bernie’s Chiccen and Za
  5. I Wanna Be Like Meech Not MJ
  6. T.S.A My Best Friend
  7. Dead Opps ft. Toosii
  8. You Can’t Stop the Reign
  9. Sneaky Link From Broadriver
  10. Letter To My BM
  11. Shoot Out On Two Notch
  12. Jefe
  13. For Trappers Only ft. Icewear Vezzo
  14. SRT’s On Abbott Road
  15. Da Brand ft. Fatt Loc
  16. Bloody Bluff
  17. I-77

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