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Southside steps into the booth for his latest offering, “Save Me.”

Southside may be known for his creation however occasionally, he comes through for certain bars. The rapper came through with some new music over the course of the end of the week with the arrival of “Save Me,” one of two performance tracks that he dropped on Sunday. “Save Me” finds the rapper becoming the dominant focal point over evil creation with subtleties of his room dreams.

Southside has been having some fantastic luck all through the year. Alongside the arrival of singles like “Hold That Heat” ft. Travis Scott and Future and “Save Me” ft. Lil Durk, he likewise assumed a critical part on Future’s I Never Liked You and contributed creation on Durk’s 7220.

We’ll keep you posted on any more updates surrounding new music from Southside. Check his new song below.

Quotable Lyrics
I can’t tell a lie, bitch, you was a really great fuck
That pussy worth some thousands but that shit ain’t worth a truck
Money, that’s my bitch, so all you hoes is a dub
20 different bitches and they all think we in love

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