JAE5 Feat. Dave & BNXN – Propeller

JAE5 ft. Dave & BNXN "Propeller"/Black Butter Records

The guys traveled to deliver visuals for their newest record.

Jae5, conceived Jonathan Kweku Awote-Mensah, is a British-Ghanian record maker hailing from East London. Endorsed to Black Butter Records, the hit-producer is known for delivering records with afrobeats that make certain to play on repeat in anybody’s mind. In his Spotify bio, it states, “With every one of the honors added to his repertoire, it’s not his chance to lead… Once more, summer is returning and JAE5 is prepared.”

Holding consistent with that assertion, JAE5 dropped “Propeller” on July 28. Including craftsmen Dave and BNXN, the three-minute melody comprises of a beat that isn’t startling from the maker. It’s loaded up with drums and various songs, making the craftsmen’s voices reverberation as they convey their bars.

The tune begins with BNXN yelling out the man behind the beat- – JAE5. From that point, he executes the snappy snare, singing, “Been quite a while since I figured out how to assemble rhymes/Spin around your block/I’m a major propeller.” In Dave’s refrain, he raps about a plenty of subjects, going from not confiding in ladies to being thankful for how far he’s come.

Beside the record, the triplet likewise got together to convey a visual. The video shows African individuals in a town doing normal errands like twisting their hair and washing garments.

Stream the record and watch the video below.

Quotable Lyrics

I can’t deal with him
Cause he shakes with his left hand
Married to the hustle
The money my best man

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