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Fat Joe

On the 29th anniversary of Fat Joe da Gangsta’s “Represent,” we’re taking things back to his debut single.

Before we close out this fine Wednesday (July 27), we need to reveal insight into a Hip Hop return from almost thirty years prior. Today denotes the 29th commemoration of Fat Joe’s presentation collection Represent, a task that was delivered on Relativity Records in 1993. The Bronx symbol had been becoming well known in his old neighborhood — the origin of Hip Hop — and then some, and Represent was the primary collection where audience members had the option to hear what Fat Joe da Gangsta had to offer sonically.

Address included looks from Grand Puba, Diamond D, Kool G Rap, Apache, Gismo, Keith, and King Sun. In front of its delivery, Joe shared his presentation single “Stream Joe,” an independent track where he conveyed hard-hitting bars about his raised status, ceaseless income, and melodious capacities. A Hip Hop second started the send off into vocation life span and, love him or disdain him, Joe’s commitments to the way of life are valued by his fans and friends.

Take a walk down memory lane by streaming the music video for “Flow Joe” below.

Quotable Lyrics

See, I rip the mic if you put me to a test
Troop it gets so bad, I make you wanna wear a vest
Cause I’m too hot to handle
Knockin’ niggas out like Livingstone Bramble
Rappers come heavy, but yo I weigh a ton
I won’t lose weight ’cause I’m not on the run
I’m on point like a sniper, hyper than the hyper
On the DL, overlooked by C-Cipher
Never get caught, I’m on top with my game
Flip a fat ride, there’s no need for a train


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