Maxo Kream Feat. Anderson .Paak – The Vision

Maxo Kream campaigns for the release of “Weight Of The World (Deluxe)” with his new collaboration alongside Anderson .Paak.

Despite the fact that it’s been north of a year since Maxo Kream delivered his last studio collection, Weight Of The World, he isn’t permitting business as usual to rush his inventive strategy. He’s been consistently prodding the arrival of a choice version for the task throughout the course of recent months. He came through with “JIGGA DAME” to start off the mission prior to revealing the Benny The Butcher-helped “Football Heads” on Friday.

It seems like Maxo Kream has zero desire to dial back before the grand version shows up. Only days subsequent to connecting up with Benny The Butcher, he’s united with Anderson .Paak for “The Vision.” The smooth and slow creation from Teej overflows sentimentality – an inclination that is additionally underscored by Anderson .Paak’s deep warbles. However it’s not new sonic region for Maxo Kream, the obvious synchronicity between the Houston rapper and the California artist makes “The Vision” one more encouraging delivery in front of Weight Of The World (Deluxe).

Quotable Lyrics
Eighty-fours rollin’, Seven eleven, rollin’
We don’t play poker but in Texas we still holdin’
Chuckin’ deuces out the roof and drop a deuce in Mountain Dew
I’m flossin’ like a snaggle tooth
‘Cause boastin’, braggin’ what I do

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