Hit-Boy Feat. Devin Morrison & 24hrs – Scholar

Hit-Boy, Devin Morrison, 24hrs "Scholar"/GOOD Music

The trio created a music video that cleverly played off the song’s title.

Hit-Boy, conceived Chauncey Alexander Hollis Jr., is a handyman. Whether it’s creating a beat for perhaps of the most smoking craftsman in the business, composing snappy rhymes that play on repeat in individuals’ minds, or streaming on tunes himself- – he has done everything and the 35-year-old performer doesn’t anticipate halting any time soon.

Recently (July 15), he collaborated with two craftsmen to convey a tomfoolery, playful track named “Researcher.” 24hrs, a rapper and vocalist hailing from Oakland, California, and Devin Morrison, a performer out of Los Angeles, both went with Hit-Boy on the record. The three-minute single comprised of a vibrating, yet smooth, kind of tone and went flawlessly with every craftsman’s voice.

The melody began with 24hrs rapping the essential chorale. “2 a.m. on Ventura with a b*tch that is terrible as babies/And I don’t fault lil shawty, she ain’t grow up with her dad… Dropped up out of school/We generally realized I wasn’t no researcher,” he blended on the beat.

The folks likewise dropped a visual for the record on YouTube. It at present sits at north of 23,000 recordings in the wake of being posted under 24 hours prior. Shot in a secondary school setting, the video highlighted Bel-Air star, Jabari Banks, alongside ladies wearing meager student outfits.

Check out the visuals and stream the single below.

Quotable Lyrics

I keep it P with all the G’s for real
Spent ten bands on these Carti’s so I can see for real
Hit-Boy that’s my twin, that’s my twin for real
I told him it’s even better when a real n*gga win

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