City Fidelia Feat. Shelley FKA DRAM – Soulmate


City Fidelia calls on Shelley FKA DRAM for his latest single, “Soulmate.”

Ottawa rapper City Fidelia is firing up for the arrival of his introduction collection Painkiller this year. This week, the Canadian craftsman got back with his most recent single, “Perfect partner” including Shelley FKA DRAM. The most recent single fills in as his third contribution off of Painkiller, following 2021’s “School Dropout.” The warm, profound creation gives a feeling of sentimentality as City and Shelley investigate the convoluted sensations of affection and the leftover impacts of deplorability.

“The tune is about my experience as a dark male who was raised by a single parent attempting to investigate the idea of affection while investigating myself. In the tune I recognize how my injury has intruded on my profound handling, thusly, made it difficult for me to appropriately understandable and express my sentiments. Notwithstanding, I likewise get some margin to show appreciation to the individual/perfect partner that saw the flawlessness in my defects,” he said in an explanation.

Check out the latest from City Fidelia below.

Quotable Lyrics
Baby girl your courageous
You told your girls I’m a fuck boy, then you come fuck the boy
You might be Helene the Troy, with brains like Tolstoy
Sweet in the streets but a freak in the sheets
Only talk nasty when you talking to me

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