Steve Lacy Feat. Foushee -Sunshine

Steve Lacy/Spotify

Steve Lacy’s “Gemini Rights” album is due out this Friday.

The appearance of Steve Lacy’s Gemini Rights collection is close to the corner and the 24-year-old Compton local has proactively shared singles like “Mercury” and “Unfortunate behavior pattern” to design us up for what’s to come.

At 12 PM on Wednesday, July thirteenth – only two days before the 10-history hits DSPs – The Internet guitarist conveyed one more early track for us, this one pair with his regular associate Fousheé.

Yet again the almost five-brief appearance was prodded by the pair at Lacy’s show at The Novo in LA on April twentieth, 2022, and he saw it on Instagram hours prior to sharing it on streaming stages.

“Sayin’ “My ex” like my name ain’t Steve/Gave you an opportunity and a dopamine/Safe to say, after me you crested/Still’ll give you dick whenever you really want,” the R&B craftsman rhymes on the primary refrain.

Stream “Sunshine” on Spotify or Apple Music below, and tap back in with 96HipHop this Friday to stream Gemini Rights and other new releases.

Quotable Lyrics:

Lookin’ like it’s all catchin’ up to you lately
Been a couple months since I told you, “It’s over”
Caught me off guard when I saw you last week
Oh so tough, but you bluffed when you had me
Sayin’ “My ex” like my name ain’t Steve
Gave you a chance and some dopamine
Safe to say, after me you peaked
Still’ll give you d*ck anytime you need

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