PGF Nuk Feat. EST Gee – Not Opps

PGF Nuk/Spotify

PGF Nuk shared his “Switch Music” album on Friday, featuring EST Gee, BIG30, Polo G, and more.

Last Friday, PGF Nuk conveyed his Switch Music collection, highlighting appearances from BIG30, Polo G, PGF Glizzy, PGF Tavo, PGF Mooda, and PGF Jman. Since its presentation, a small bunch of tracks have emerged as fan top picks, including another joint effort called “Not Opps” with EST Gee.

The almost three-brief tune starts off with Nuk on the melody as he raps, “Jump out with them racks like I hit it big/Boy, you ain’t no danger, kid, them n*ggas not opps/We don’t pursue bops, however child, send that lo’ to get him dropped.”

For his turn, Gee utilizes areas of strength for him muscles, spitting, “We the ones that made it hot, they don’t post up on that block/Well, they can, however in the event that they do, there’s an opportunity they could have chance/I be givin’ up my drop, postin’ ridin’ through my hood/N*ggas frightened when I jump out, yolie with a hot firearm.”

Stream “Not Opps” on Spotify or Apple Music below, and tap back in with HNHH later for more music updates.

Quotable Lyrics:

Think his opp is back on, kids tryna act grown (Kids tryna act grown)
But I’ma show him (But I’ma show him, n*gga)
Bring that pressure to a n*gga mammy home (Bring it to his mama home)
Plus, I’m deep, I’m not alone (Plus, I’m deep in), how the f*ck you dodge a switch?
Sound like Tommy, homis cancel n*ggas’ Christmas like the Grinch, uh

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