Frank Ocean Feat. Earl Sweatshirt – Super Rich Kids

Frank Ocean/Spotify

It’s already been a decade of “Channel Orange” – which song on the tracklist is your favourite?

a long time back today (July 10), Frank Ocean – conceived Christopher Edwin Breaux – dropped off his exceptionally fruitful Channel Orange collection, flaunting only three highlights from André 3000, John Mayer, lastly, Earl Sweatshirt on fan number one, “Very Rich Kids.”

The Long Beach, California local and his rapper companion center around the lux and impressive pieces of the lap of luxury, however this tune is undeniably more miserable, nerve racking inclination than other collection incorporations of a comparable sort, similar to “Sweet Life” and “Lost.”

As Genius notes, Ocean tracked down motivation for the cherished track while watching Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic, and Kanye West was apparently the person who proposed that Sofia Coppola utilized it during the end credits of her 2013 film, The Bling Ring.

As far as it matters for him, Sweatshirt shed light on the more malignant side of the high society, rapping, “Okay, ignore what you can’t envision/We are the Xanny-grinding/Caddy-crushing, bratty assy/He distraught, he grabbed his daddy’s Jag/And involved the crap for batting practice.”

Stream “Super Rich Kids” on Spotify or Apple Music below. Happy anniversary, Channel Orange!

Quotable Lyrics:

Too many bottles of this wine we can’t pronounce
Too many bowls of that green, no Lucky Charms
The maids come around too much
Parents ain’t around enough

Too many joy rides in daddy’s Jaguar
Too many white lies and white lines
Super rich kids with nothing but loose ends
Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends

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