Eli Fross Feat. Sleepy Hallow – Bad Days

Eli Fross ft. Sleepy Hallow "Bad Days"/RCA Records

The two Brooklyn natives team up to talk about their past struggles.

Both Eli Fross and Sleepy Hallow are drill rappers hailing from Brooklyn, New York. They’re both known for their smart lyricism and interesting rhymes that many individuals can connect with. The two NY locals have worked with one another in the past on their record “Ball Dreams (Remix),” and presently they’re back to convey one more hit.

On Friday (July 8), Fross dropped his most recent single “Terrible Days” highlighting Sleepy Hallow. In the four-minute track, the two people thought back about the endless hardships they went through growing up. The tune’s sluggish paced guitar beat permitted their verses to more readily resound with audience members, as their rhymes were loaded up with distress.

The record began with some support, “Useful tidbit, consistently recollect where you came from… since you generally gone recall how you came up.” Following that, Eli jumped in with the melody, which extraordinarily made sense of the significance of the whole tune, “I recollect days when I was down/I needed to get up/Been observing every one of these n*ggas count they wins/I got my sh*t up.”

Tired Hallow likewise focused on the track’s point in his stanza. “I told you act naturally/Don’t give a f*ck on the off chance that they gone judge you/They say I’m excessively modest/I’m simply making an effort not to mishandle,” he rhymed.

Listen to the track now on all streaming platforms.

Quotable Lyrics

Swear mama used to hate me
She said, ‘Boy you nun but trouble’
I grew up in the jungle
I could shoot and I could tussle

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