Ryan Trey X Freshman Babyface Ray – Only Us

Ryan Trey X Freshman Babyface Ray - Only Us

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Created by Wavy Wallace.

The melody “Just Us,” which Ryan Trey and Babyface Ray delivered recently, is as yet being played by fans.

The going with video, which Mac Grant coordinated, consolidates superior quality clasps with grainy film to give the Wavy Wallace-delivered tune a lo-fi feel.

The two performers play out their sections while situated with companions on an entryway patio, conveying them with unadulterated moxy.
Three pointer opens his most memorable refrain with, “Thousand dollar sneakers, cop whatever only for you/You need me now, I need you as well, I put that on my spirit.”
“Where are you, deal with you like that Bentley car?
I’ll venture out to you, I’ll ensure we’re the main two there, and I won’t at any point let you go.”
As far as concerns him, the XXL Freshman raps, “Deal with me like your possibly fan when we’re together.
I’ll watch you like my number one show while popping elastic groups.
That n*gga you engage won’t see me, nah.
Go around the shopping center a couple of times and get you C and C.”

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