Are Single Reel Slots Still Released?

Are Single Reel Slots Still Released?

Are Single Reel Slots Still Released?

Many online slots today are offered in the 3-reel and 5-reel. But did you know that there are online slots with just one reel and a single payline? Their design may seem odd and different, but it’s an equally exciting Megaway Slots UK game that you shouldn’t miss if you are a slots enthusiast or want to have fun while playing for real money. These slots mainly featured only one payline due to technological limitations, as multi-line slots weren’t yet possible.

One-reel slot machines work like traditional video slots with one primary difference- these games feature just one reel. Instead of a three or even a four of a kind, the game can only display one symbol at a time. There’s no 3×5 or 4×5 grid to play on that randomly displays several symbols.

Features of Single Reel Slot

Single reel slots do not have many features. Free spins and bonuses are hardly common in old-school classic slots. You’ll find that only the newest single-slot titles are equipped with features and different bonus rounds. So their types mostly differ according to the size of the bets, their paytable, and the jackpots they offer.

Like the popular 3-reel and 5-reel online slots, these 1-reel slot machines also feature the Wild symbol. However, the Wild symbols work differently in these games- if you land the Wild, the game counts it as your win for the three symbols! Also, most 1-reel online slots feature a ‘Reset Bank’ symbol or a similarly-designed symbol.

Are One Reel Slots Worth Your Time?

Why would gamblers still turn to single-reeled slots for entertainment, especially when these games are competing with slots crammed full of special features and bonus rounds?

Multi-layered modern slot games can sometimes be chaotic, and single-reeled slots are a far simpler form of entertainment reflecting a bygone age. However, there are a few features that you must like with them, like Standard Jackpot and Progressive Jackpot. Yes, they are worthy; you can try them and have the experience.

Single Reel Re-Spin Feature

The single reel re-spin feature is quite a recent addition to slot gaming, and it can be found on many slot games and, more especially, games by Microgaming. This allows you to spin 1 reel instead of all 5, but at a price.

Usually, you can activate it randomly while playing the game, or it may kick in when you have fulfilled some requirements like getting 2 of the 3 possible bonus symbols in the other reels. Some other slots offer you the ability to re-spin any of the reels after the spin is over by paying a small fee.

Popular 1-Reel Slots to Play Today

Slot Game RTP Paylines Theme Volatility
1 Reel Egypt 97.16% 1 Ancient Egypt Medium
Master Joker 96.46% 5 Fruits High
Wild Space 96.372% 8 Outer Space High
1-Reel Patrick 94% 1 Irish High volatility


  • The graphics are good.
  •     You can play on any device.

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