Logic – Vinyl Days Album

Logic - Vinyl Days Album

Listen to this just releases project titled Vinyl Days Album.

Check out this new music by very talented music artist titled Logic – Vinyl Days Album.

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1. Danger
2. Tetris
3. In my lifetime (feat. Action Bronson)
4. Decades
5. JJ Abrahams
7. Quasi
8. Bleed It
9. LaDonda
10. Aaron Judge
11. Clouds (feat. Langston Bristol & Curren$y)
12. Michael Rap
13. Therapy Music (feat. Russ)
14. Tony Revolori
15. Rogue One
16. Breath Control (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
17. NEMS
18. Nardwuar (feat. Doc D)
19. Kickstyle (feat. iamJMARS, Big Lenbo & C Dot Castro)
20. EarlyBird
21. Ten Years (feat. Royce da 5’9)
22. Porta one (feat. RZA)
23. NeedleDrop
24. Introducing Nezi (feat. Nezi Momodu)
25. Orville (feat. Like, Blu & Exile)
26. Carnival (feat. AZ)
27. Lena’s Insight
28. Vinyl Days (feat. DJ Premier)
29. I guess I love it (feat. The Game)
30. Sayonara


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