Prodigy – You Will See

Prodigy - You Will See

“The Hegelian Dialectic Volume 2: The Book Of Heroine,” Prodigy’s upcoming album, is the source of the posthumous release.

It’s been a long time since Prodigy died, and the late individual from Mobb Deep abandoned a ton of tunes.
Be that as it may, since his demise, we haven’t heard a lot of about it.

Wonder’s domain let the primary single out of his impending collection, The Hegelian Dialectic Volume 2: The Book Of Heroine, today.
“You Will See” is a wonderful illustration of Prodigy’s expressive ability and the craving with which he moved toward the finish of his vocation.
“Our family experienced an extraordinary misfortune a long time back.
To us all, the music that Prodigy left behind is massively significant.
We felt constrained and committed to keep it until we had the fundamental establishment set up to complete what he was really going after and uncover it to the general population.
As we push ahead with this very private and profound cycle, we trust his adherents will appreciate and uphold our endeavors.
‘You Will See’ is, unquestionably, a mother lode of new music from Prodigy “As per an assertion delivered by his bequest,

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