Money Man – Big Money

Money Man - Big Money

Money Man keeps putting out bangers.

Money Man is true artist who lives up to his moniker. 
He’s been making albums and songs on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin for the past few years. 
He has just been quite interested in Web3, and there is no doubt that he is all about getting his money up and running. 
While Crypto isn’t topic on this current tune, the song is titled “Big Money,” therefore the currency motif is kept alive.
This tune includes some exquisite piano and violin tests, as well areas of strength for as fresh 808s, as you can hear beneath.
Money Man raps about getting cash and doing what needs to be done as productively as could really be expected, and he has an astounding stream.
The fact that fans will concur makes it another one more strong commitment to his discography, and us sure.
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