Rick Hyde – Arrivederci

Rick Hyde - Arrivederci

Enjoy this track named Arrivederci.

“Arrivederci” is a terrific stunning single by the well-known American artist/band.

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It’s Ricky

[Verse 1]
I watched a fiend take a tester so good that he fuck around and fell
Had to bring him back to life, end of story, that’s a sale

I ain’t saying I’m the brightest, at the lightest like it’s frail
I saw eighty somethin’ thousand off my corner without jail
They was hatin’ on me then, niggas hatin’ on me still (Niggas hatin’ on me still)
Now everybody just a opp and all your music like it’s drill
It’s a thirty in the clip, yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout a reel
Once it hit, you gon’ do a 360 like yo’ deal
Ricky Runts with the seal
Go for Edmunds on the bills
Get you two of ’em for Oliver, my nigga, that’s a deal
I ain’t sayin’ niggas pussy, I ain’t sayin’ niggas real

But assassinate my character, you rеally gettin’ killed
You ain’t nevеr gave a summer youth check to yo’ mama to make the ends meet
Seventeen grams in a blender, I need my hands clean
Saw a lick in my near future because the bed’s free
She might be walkin’ ’round with the baby, we need a Plan B
You ain’t never panic ’cause you ain’t know where the shots from (Grrra)
You ain’t never hid you no bundles before the cops come
You ain’t never bag up no grizzlies until the box done (Nah)
‘Round here it ain’t no safety just like a cop gun
Feeling like the Bulls with DeRozan, we run the East now
Take you out the game like Caruso when he got three fouls
I suggest you niggas stay neutral, don’t never speak down
Ninety all the way to the 33 going east bound

Big Buffalo shit, nigga
Big BFS, nigga
Arrivederci (Shit)

[Verse 2]
Look, from the bottom to the top again
They just respect your opulence
I rap with so much dominance and that’s what make us opposites
I never had a pot to piss but always was a optimist
I credit that to Shay because his spirit bring me confidence
Before they gave me compliments
Hatin’ made me prominent (Hatin’ made me prominent)
It satisfied my ego and my fanbase in astonishment (What up?)
It always was a need to sell since Avis lived on Donaldson
I got it for the pecker but I sold it for the dime or nick
I’m just scratchin’ the surface (Woo)
If waitin’ on my moment was a person
When rappin’ wasn’t workin’ I can guarantee your purchase
Fuck the trunk, you ever put it to the side like it’s worthless?
Thirty bowls in the Uber, roll the window down and burp it
Mow the lawn, niggas serpents
You ain’t indy, you’re a worker
Yo’ advance is what my wrist cost
Yo’ bitch know I’m a big dog
It almost took forever just to get here like I’m Chris Paul
These lyrics have you drownin’ in my pain like you Chris Bosh

Nigga, arrivederci

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