Logic Feat. DJ Premier – Vinyl Days


The song is the title track from Logic’s forthcoming album that arrives next month.

Rationale’s expected Vinyl Days will show up in only half a month, and fans will go on an outing down Hip Hop’s world of fond memories with his refreshed turn. It’s obvious from Logic’s past singles from the record including “Breath Control,” “Treatment Sessions” highlighting Russ, and “Many years,” that the rapper is returning to a period and sound of Hip Hop that is viewed as obsolete by numerous advanced pundits. Nonetheless, music darlings have valued Logic’s Vinyl Days approach as he gives proper respect to the class that molded him into a whiz.

On Friday (May 20), Logic got back with the title track from his impending undertaking and it showed up with visitor DJ Premier. The rapper has vowed to keep sharing music until the arrival of Vinyl Days, and it is an incredible farewell thinking about this is his last collection under Def Jam’s umbrella. Rationale has had a hiccup or two with the mark lately, however fans are not just eager to hear what he’s been really going after, yet what he has arranged artistically post-Def Jam.

Stream “Vinyl Days”, produced by Premier and 6ix, and look out for Logic’s album on June 17.

Quotable Lyrics

All I need is one mic, one pen, one page to ignite
Subject matter heavy but the flow is MC Lyte
You mad as fuck, all you see is red like a conservative
All the critics do is talk, I’m really not concerned with it
Hell is hot and we can make your residency permanent
Several shots, they tyin’ up your body with a tourniquet

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