Duke Deuce – Crunkstarz

Image via Duke Deuce

Duke Deuce is back with a surprise new single called “Crunkstarz.”

Emerging from Memphis, Duke Deuce has won over be perhaps the most thrilling voice emerging from the city. He is somebody who is hoping to bring back crunk amazingly, and the fans have valued his style. The Quality Control craftsman keeps on taking gigantic actions, and on Friday, he conveyed for his fans as he dropped another single called “Crunkstarz.”

All through this track, we are met with some anthemic chorales and stanzas that exhibit Duke’s unadulterated expertise. He can be appealing however expressive when it counts, and that positively radiates through on this new tune. The creation is hard-hitting yet climatic, and by and large, the tune even has a kind of rockstar energy to it that fans can appreciate.

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All of us zombies my residents evil
Step on this beat like a beetle
Icy my mic is in front of a igloo
I am not worried what he do
You is not crunker than me foo

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