Amaal Feat. Syd – Lullaby


Let Amaal and Syd sing you to sleep tonight with their sticky-sweet new single.

Back in October of 2021 Amaal favored our ears with Milly, and presently she’s gotten back with another drawn out single from the venture, including The Internet’s Syd. “Bedtime song” comes in at a little more than over two minutes in length and flaunts creation by Nicky Davey that is certain to prepare you for a decent night’s rest.

“This melody portrays an exceptionally blameless, unadulterated kind of affection. We’re not concealing any feelings or allowing frailties to disrupt everything,” the Canadian R&B star said in an articulation. “Syd and I are singing according to our own viewpoints about the sentiments that are crude and genuine to the two of us,” she added, likewise lauding the Broken Hearts Club hitmaker’s “veritable energy.”

“Never realize that you were what I was missin’/Took an opportunity cuz you realized I was unique/Crash course, love, I missed the impact/Fast forward we done committed to the responsibility/Fast forward you’re my most prominent choice,” she sings as the melody opens.

On the off chance that you really love “Bedtime song” let us know underneath, and pay special attention to our week by week R&B Season playlist update, showing up this Sunday.


Never knew that you were what I was missin’

Took a chance cuz you knew I was different

Crash course, love, I missed the collision

Fast forward we done made the commitment

Fast forward you’re my greatest decision


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