Gabbie Hanna – Head in the Clouds

Gabbie Hanna - Head in the Clouds

Check on out this new debut single titled Head in the Clouds.

Exceptionally Skilled American singer-songwriter, Internet personality, author, artist and actress drops a debut single titled “Head in the Clouds”.

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Some days it feels like I give more than I get
Then I remember that the world doesn’t owe me shit
Took a nap, took a walk, then I took a hit
What’s that bullshit I was trippin’ over, I forget
I keep my head in the clouds, don’t care when I’m gettin’ loud
Oh, honey, it’s probably not worth poutin’ about
I’ll keep it movin’ for now, I’m good when I’m burnin’ out
Just wing it, we’ll sing until our voices go out
I used to feel like I couldn’t catch a break
Seems like everybody’s fucked up nowadays
Breathe it in, breathe you out, then I float away

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