DREAMCATCHER – [Apocalypse : Save us]

ALBUM: DREAMCATCHER - [Apocalypse : Save us]

check this new debut album called [Apocalypse : Save us].

Global Acclaimed South Korean young lady gathering to divulge an exceptional presentation collection project called “[Apocalypse : Save us]”.

The Album accompanies captivating sounds, it will get your day rolling marvelous.

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Album Tracklist

  1. Intro: Save us
  2. Locked Inside A Door
  4. Starlight
  5. Together
  6. 널 위해 (Always)
  7. Skit: The Seven Doors
  8. Cherry (Real Miracle)
  9. No Dot
  10. 황홀경 (极夜) (Ecstasy)
  11. 한겨울 (寒冬) (Midwinter)
  12. For
  13. Beauty Full
  14. Playground

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