Young Guru Responds After Fans Believe Jay-Z Dissed Birdman On “Neck And Wrist”

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Fans are still unpacking Jay-Z’s verse on Pusha T’s latest single, “Neck And Wrist.”

There are not many rappers who stand out enough to be noticed at whatever point they drop, and Jay-Z positively sits at the first spot on that list. As of late, his visitor stanzas have at the same time answered internet based prattle, and “Neck And Wrist” tried to address a few subjects, as Faizon Love’s 2020 remarks about Hov’s validness or the “Assuming that Biggie was alive” discussions.

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While there are a lot of layers to Jay-Z’s bars, which is the reason he’s probably the best mc ever. Now and again, fans aren’t arriving at the right resolution when they deconstruct Jay’s verses. Youthful Guru bounced on Twitter after the melody dropped, uncovering one of his number one lines on the tune. “We not discussing this line enough, ‘I blue bird cash, you all discussion in Twitter channels’,” Guru tweeted. “It resembles 5 implications here!!!!”

Obviously, this prompted a lot of fan hypotheses with many recommending that it’s a shot at Birdman. One fan tweeted, “Blue bird (Twitter). Blew Bird (Birdman) cash. Blew bird (dope cash). Ties it in “yal chat on Twitter channels”. Intense.”

As indicated by Guru, that isn’t totally precise. He immediately shut down any expected bits of gossip about any waiting pressure among Birdman and Jay-Z.

“Please accept my apologies yet however many implications as you can pull from this in no way, shape or form is this a Birdman diss!!!” He answered.

Jay-Z and Birdman have had their rift in the past, though neither has taken shots at each other in recent times. It’s unclear if it’s water under the bridge but Guru insists that there’s no shade thrown at Baby on Push’s new record.

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