A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Playa


The couple puts their love on display in the beachfront visual.

As his fans bother him about the appearance of A Boogie versus Craftsman, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is back with two new singles-kind of. The New York rapper’s ghost project has been prodded for more than a year and in December, Boogie shared a tracklist that caused individuals to accept he was dropping the collection that day. His allies were frustrated when the New Music Friday traveled every which way without A Boogie versus Craftsman, yet since we have two variants of “Playa”- the other facilitating a look from H.E.R.- maybe the collection’s appearance is genuinely not too far off.

Web-based entertainment saw Boogie and Ella Bands’ separation however maybe the pair just couldn’t avoid each other. They join on “Playa,” a track where they exchange verses about it other’s solitary to be each. “Playa” tests the late-incredible Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player” including R&B symbol Joe, and Bands sings her direction through the track in her very first coordinated effort with her rapper playmate.

Stream “Playa” and let us know your thoughts.


If you ain’t ready yеt, it’s okay girl, yeah
It never usеd to be this way, used to ‘preciate me, baby
My watch is over two-hundred, I ain’t mean to make you feel basic
Can’t fly every day like it’s a special occasion (Look)
But baby, just love me for free, don’t try to change me

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