JNR Choi Feat. Gunna – To The Moon (Gunna Remix)


JNR Choi taps Gunna for the “To The Moon” remix.

Despite the fact that JNR Choi isn’t a commonly recognized name, essentially not yet, his single, “To The Moon” has been certain. Instagram Reels and TikTok recordings have impelled the melody towards viral distinction while Spotify playlists supported its prominence much further. The melody assisted land JNR Choi his arrangement with Epic Records, which he’s honored with the arrival of the remix of “To The Moon” ft. Gunna.

The Sam Tompkins-inspected single gets a facelift with another section from the DS4 rapper who cuts the auto-tune for a crude, rap-sing refrain that starts off the remix. Gunna matches the allure of JNR Choi’s bars over the drill-driven creation. Given Gunna’s history this year, JNR Choi’s breakout single will probably brave for the months to come.

Check the song below.

Real flesh on me, I bought up the brand new Rover
I get in that jeans, wet water like Pepsi, Cola
Ah-ah, I got an old cougar
Fire brown, give me that brown sugar

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