Capella Grey Feat. Nija – Confujawn

Image via Capella Grey

Capella Grey continues to strike gold on each new track.

Back in the late spring of 2021, Capella Gray burst onto the scene with his track “Gyalis,” which in the long run turned into a raving success. From that point forward, fans have been watching the craftsman, and he still can’t seem to dishearten with his new tunes. Truth be told, Capella Gray emerged with another work on Friday, this time highlighting any semblance of r&b force to be reckoned with Nija.

This melody is one more illustration of Gray’s mind blowing songwriting as we get a few perfect energies that feature his awesome singing capacity. Dark and Nija make them flabbergast science here, and it is extremely great to hear Gray close by a female voice. Assuming you seriously love the craftsman, or just another audience, this will be an incredible track.

You can stream the new song, down below.


No more games, we gettin’ older
I told you no more lookin’ over my shoulder, that’s over
You still gon’ come over
So I can make you come over and over again
Oh-oh, oh-oh, I’m still gon’ sweat you, oh, you fire (Fire)

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