NLE Choppa – The Gender Reveal Song

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NLE Choppa’s “The Gender Reveal Song” arrives just a few days after his girlfriend suffered a miscarriage.

While Memphis rapper NLE Choppa’s new melody, “The Gender Reveal Song,” will probably be stunningly well known given the sweet setting of the record, the circumstance of its delivery is tragic. Only a couple of days prior, the 19-year-old craftsman reported that his better half, Marissa Da’Nae, had experienced a premature delivery. The enthusiastic new melody is committed to their unborn child, Seven Da’Shun Potts.

Choppa raps about his unborn child with fervor on the record, guaranteeing that he will show up for his kid whether or not it’s a kid or a young lady.

Clarifying why he delivered the melody today, Choppa said, “The principal orientation uncover I was separated of at any point was one to recall god favored me with a child kid however a couple of months after the fact chose to transform him into a heavenly messenger to look after me and my accomplice which is reasonable, good, and a delightful hurt. Sooo I chose to deliver this melody today for every one of the couples out there who have an orientation uncover coming up or arranging one later on. May god favor your excursion and I ask each sovereign has a heavenly conveyance love all of you and much obliged.”

The short tune follows the arrival of Choppa’s most recent full-length project, Me Vs. Me, which showed ventures toward development from the teen rapper.

Listen to NLE Choppa’s “The Gender Reveal Song” below and let us know what you think in the comments.


If it’s a girl, get ready for the tea parties
A girl, get ready for the pink barbies
A girl, make sure that her heart is guarded
Cause a girl sometimes can become a target
If it’s a boy, make sure you and him play catch
If it’s a boy, make sure y’all have a talk about sex
If it’s a boy, make sure he treat a woman with respect
Forgive, forget, never regret, and protect

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