Sauce Walka – If I Didn’t Rap

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Sauce Walka goes slowly “On the off chance that I Didn’t Rap.”

Sauce Walka may stay one of the most dubious figures in Southern rap, generally on the grounds that he has no issue expressing his genuine thoughts. We’ve seen him get into back-and-forths with a lot of specialists who he accepts have taken his loot throughout the long term. Or then again, he’s disapproved of individuals acquiring from Houston culture without giving the legitimate credit.

This week, he conveyed a tribute to Houston’s hacked and-screwed sound with his most recent drop, “On the off chance that I Didn’t Rap.” With synths that are just about as reflexive as a layer of sweets paint on an old fashioned Impala, the rapper pitches his voice right down as he reconsiders existence without rap. Obviously, very little would change in his life. “In the event that I didn’t rap, I’d in any case have hands/Because before rap, I was punching on your monitors,” he raps on the record.

Peep Sauce Walka’s most recent record below.

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