Lucki Feat. F1lthy – NEPTUNE VS. INDUSTRY


Lucki and F1lthy carry the energy to their new collab.

Lucki’s one of those specialists that isn’t continually dropping however every time he does, his devoted after celebrates. The rapper has been out and about vigorously these beyond couple of months, as he should be since the world has opened up. And keeping in mind that fans are glad to get him in the tissue, the interest for another collection is amazingly high.

To hold fans over until another assemblage of work shows up, the rapper came through with his most recent single, “NEPTUNE VS. INDUSTRY” ft. F1lthy. The single runs for under 2 minutes yet Lucki and F1lthy balance the energized creation with laidback streams.

Lucki’s wrapped up most of the dates on the Wake Up Lucki visit yet he will be getting back to his old neighborhood of Chicago on Nov. 27th.

check at the melody beneath.

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