BRS Kash – Spend It

BRS Kash/Spotify

BRS Kash is back with a banger.

In festival of the one year commemoration of his hit track, “Throat Baby (Go Baby),” BRS Kash gets back with another single, “Spend It.” The a little more than three-minute long delivery sees the LVRN craftsman spit game with regards to spoiling the voluptuous ladies in his existence with unlimited piles of money.

“Pleasant teeth (Nice teeth), decent grin (Nice grin)/She know (She know) she terrible (She awful)/Cute face (Cute face), no midsection (No midriff), fat ass (Fat ass), she dance (She dance),” the 28-year-old raps. “At the point when she toss that ass around (Spend it, spend it)/She gon’ make a youthful n*gga come toss them groups.

The Atlanta local has been hard at working advancing “Spend It” on his Instagram page, dropping off some photographs of him spending time with a gathering of delightful ladies and flexing a heap of $100 greenbacks spread across the length of his arm.

At the highest point of 2021, BRS Kash shared a 12-track project called Kash Only, and he’s been dropping off a periodic single throughout recent months. Assuming you’re adoring his most recent delivery, make certain to look at the remainder of the rapper’s discography.


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