midwxst – Bluffing

UMG Recordings

midwxst is back with another rap-pop banger.

Back in August, Indiana-based rapper midwxst plunked down with HNHH for our Top 5s series to educate us somewhat more concerning himself as a craftsman, and where he’s from.

In the months since, oneself portrayed “cheerful geek,” has been doing great. Dropping “Spasm Tac Toe” as an introduction to his September EP, Back In Action, he followed up the eight-track project with another single, “Care” in November.

Recently (December 8), midwxst slid back with another record, delivering “Feigning” with some all around planned, photoshoot-motivated visuals. Rapping over fun drums and cool synths, “Feigning” is midwxst’s supplication for everybody and everything around him to quit acting phony, and impeccably shows the battle of keeping it genuine while attempting to make it in music.


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