Dom Vallie – Been Himma

Dom Vallie/Spotify

Dom Vallie had a strong altercation 2021, and it appears as though he’s carrying it into the new year.

Dom Vallie is Toronto’s most recent remarkable new rapper, and his most recent appearance – a track called “Been Himma” – is assisting him with effectively breaking into the business and become well known.

The Canadian star had an astounding 2021. “There’s been hella ups, downs, and barricades however we never halted or stammered,” he wrote in an intelligent Instagram post while celebrating the new year. “Went to LA out of the blue paid for by music. Got back home and dropped my first EP. Purchased my first vehicle paid for by music.”

“Finishing it off with ‘Been Himma’ going #1 on SoundCloud first week was only the clincher. I like you folks being with me constantly to take on each conflict, it makes how we’re treating significantly more worth the effort realizing I got you all in my corner to back me. We’re simply beginning.”

Stream Dom Vallie’s pristine single beneath and let us know as to whether you’re feeling it in the remarks.

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