Paper Route EMPIRE & Kenny Muney – Role Model

Paper Route EMPIRE/Spotify

Newspaper beat EMPIRE’s recognition for Dolph showed up recently.

Youthful Dolph’s heritage lives on. On Friday, January 21st, Paper Route EMPIRE conveyed a recognition EP to its fallen chief, comprising of eight tracks that see a program of capable craftsmen recalling the late Memphis legend, including “Good example” by Kenny Muney.

“I was sittin’ in the hood with a fantasy and a weed sack/Fast forward, pursuing millions with my good example, who would’ve envisioned that? /Who would’ve at any point imagined that? /Who would’ve at any point believed that I’d make it out the channels,” the rapper reflects as the main section starts.

“Don’t an excessive number of n*ggas get to meet their good example/But mines transformed into my sibling, I got cash with my good example/Onstage with my good example/I can perceive the world that my elder sibling was my good example,” he proceeds.

Other champion tracks from Long Live Young Dolph incorporate Key Glock’s “Pleased” and Chitana and the late rapper’s post mortem “Love For Me.”

Stream “LLD” beneath. Tear Dolph.

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