Lil Bean – 4am

Image via Lil Bean

The San Francisco craftsman is back with a fresh out of the plastic new melody called “4am.”

San Francisco craftsman Lil Bean went onto the rap scene in 2019 and he promptly had an effect with his collection Still Campaignin’ which got acclaim from different music outlets. The craftsman has an extraordinary feeling of tune and with another undertaking called Forever Grateful not too far off, Bean is hoping to deliver a few singles as a method for getting fans amped up for his most recent collection of work.

His latest track is classified “4am,” and it is a work that features his melodic ability, just as his songwriting capacity. The craftsman conveys a few appealing verses about leftover credible, and just focusing on the people who respond energy back to him. Bean has encountered much over these most recent two years, and this melody grandstands his endeavors to move through counterfeit companions and self-awareness.

You can stream the fresh out of the plastic new melody, beneath.

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