Nas – Hip-Hop Is Dead

2007 UMG Recordings

Nas offered an intense expression that he has since returned to on exemplary single “Hip-Hop Is Dead.”

It’s normal to hear the words “hip-jump is dead” – or some variety of it, in any event – expressed by numerous a long-term rap perfectionist. Nas himself broadly articulated the definitive assertion on his 2006 collection Hip-Hop Is Dead, which feels wild looking back given the number of astonishing craftsmen showed up presently. In any case, that was the way he was feeling at that point, and he tried to air his complaints in the rankling title track.

Following the practice of filthy singles like “Got Yourself A Gun” and “Made You Look,” the Will-I’m delivered track furnishes Nas with a forceful scenery to vent. The subsequent refrain portrays his history, which traces all the way back to the pre-Illmatic days. “The greater the cap, the greater the peelin’/come through, something sick, missing the ceilin’,” he spits. “What affected my raps? Stick-ups and killings/Kidnappings, project structures, drug dealings.”

However he as of late guaranteed that hip-bounce really faked its passing in 2007 on “EPMD 2,” his conviction on “Hip-Hop Is Dead” is actually why the incredible rapper stays a loved individual from the rap pantheon. Return to this exemplary single now, and sound off on the off chance that you think this collection is an ensured exemplary.


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