Nas – Big Nas


Nas and Hit-Boy have done it once more, conveying one more new coordinated effort in “Enormous Nas.”

Nas and Hit-Boy didn’t need to do it – the pair might have been content to relax in the achievement of King’s Disease 2, perhaps the most grounded collection of the year delivered up to this point. But then the pair has as of now kept it moving with some pristine music, this time related with Nas’ impending MasterClass on hip-bounce narrating, which is as of now set to arrive on October fourteenth.

Today denotes the appearance of new single “Huge Nas,” a track that by and by features the incredible rapper’s easy psyche for heavenly lyricism. “You could work yourself out of your favors/wreck your Lambo the main day just from driving excessively foolish,” he raps. “Time is too valuable, these some conspicuous examples/Please, remind me to tread carefully while I balancðµ on edges.” While it’s indistinct concerning whether Nas and Hit-Boy are anticipating transforming King’s Disease into a set of three, unmistakably they aren’t anticipating wrapping up yet.

Stream “Huge Nas” presently, and search for the MasterClass to start off on October fourteenth.


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