Baby Keem – gorgeous

Image via Baby Keem

baby Keem’s adaptability is on full presentation with the track “gorgeous.”

baby Keem has been rising for a couple of years at this point and in 2021, he has had a fast rising to popularity because of various co-signs from any semblance of Kanye West, Travis Scott, and in particular, his adored cousin Kendrick Lamar. Recently, the craftsman dropped his spic and span collection The Melodic Blue which is loaded up for certain varied tracks that have effectively set the web on fire. One of the champions on the collection is the track “lovely” which sees Keem at his generally melodic.

The craftsman sings about ladies on the track while likewise diving in deep on the hazards of notoriety and the loops he currently needs to bounce through to have some business as usual. It’s a track that is as an unmistakable difference to melodies like “range siblings” and “family ties” albeit that is the point. The Melodic Blue is loaded up with special sounds, and “ravishing” just so ends up fitting that bill.

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