MoneyBagg Yo Feat. Pharrell – Certified Neptunes

CMG/N Less/Interscope Records

Following the arrival of “A Gangsta’s Pain,” Moneybagg Yo takes to a super cold Neptunes banger on the Pharrell-helped “Affirmed Neptunes.”

Moneybagg Yo has formally dropped off his new collection A Gangsta’s Pain, an undertaking that serves to give an exhaustive assessment of the Memphis rapper. And keeping in mind that there is absolutely a lot to unload on the undertaking, which highlights visitor appearances from Future, Lil Durk, and Pharrell Williams, nostalgic hip-jump heads will think that it is hard to overlook the allure of track eighteen – “Ensured Neptunes.”

Denoting the main joint effort among Moneybagg and Skateboard P, many expected this one after Williams proclaimed Yo to be his “most loved rapper.” And in addition to the fact that he provides vocals, however he additionally reunites with long-lasting Neptunes partner Chad Hugo behind the sheets. Thusly, there’s a chillier quality to the creation, one that helps Yo’s rough persona and considerable mic presence. “I’m gettin’ an excess of cash to sit up and play, these the kind of games I’m playin’,” he spits. “Get a back rub in Chinatown, It’s paradise on earth, on Ricky Tan.”

Give “Confirmed Neptunes” a listen now, and sound off in the event that you figure Moneybagg Yo ought to rap on more Neptunes beats pushing ahead.



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