Flying Lotus Feat. Niki Randa -Between Memories

Warp Records

Flying Lotus taps Niki Randa for the genuinely stunning “Yasuke” soundtrack melody “Between Memories.”

Flying Lotus has gotten back with another new tune from the forthcoming Netflix unique anime series Yasuke, which is set to drop on April 29th. Notwithstanding the Thundercat-helped “Dark Gold,” which is allegedly set to be the show’s signature tune, FlyLo has additionally presented the end credits via Niki Randa-helped “Between Memories.”

Off the bat, FlyLo’s generally instrumental track is amazingly air, consolidating twirling synthesizers, rearranging percussion, and a wispy vocal song from Randa. However melodiously meager, the tune actually figures out how to invoke elevated feelings as FlyLo’s melodic components blend; there’s force in his harmonies, and the mixed maker deftly rides the line among motivating and melancholic. It’s a demonstration of his capacity to take audience members on ventures, and the reality he’s ready to bring out such incredible feelings inside a particularly short runtime addresses his huge creative mind.

Look at “Between Memories” presently, and search for FlyLo’s music to assume an unmistakable part in the forthcoming Yasuke series, on which he fills in as a leader maker.

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