Yelawolf – Bounce

Slumerican Records

Yelawolf spits capable bars on “Ricochet,” a hard-hitting banger off his spic and span studio collection “Mud Mouth.”

Yelawolf has authoritatively wrapped his April surge up with the arrival of his new studio collection Mud Mouth, a fourteen-track exertion highlighting creation no matter how you look at it from long-term colleague Jim Jonsin. And keeping in mind that there is a lot to unload on this one, which discovers Yelawolf getting back to his melodic songwriting approach after three tasks worth of bars, there is something in particular about hearing him spaz over hard-hitting creation that remains earnestly pleasant.

All things considered, the oversimplified at this point compelling “Bob” is a simple Mud Mouth champion, basically in these beginning phases. Displaying the apt stream that landed him a spot on “Overall Choppers,” Yela explores the synthesizers gracefully. “Back up on the yard in a rocker, with no extremist, a full cup of codeine,” he spits. “Poppin’ up with these copper bars/I got sufficient difficulty only throwin’ down the former me.” Though it’s not by and large the most profound Mud Mouth cut, it’s one that features his instinctual pizazz for Trunk Muzik, which stays a powerful arm in his stockpile right up ’til today.

Look at it now, and look at the full collection here.

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