NAO – Wait

Image via NAO

Nao keeps on prodding the arrival of her new collection “And afterward Life Was Beautiful.”

Nao is perhaps the most intriguing craftsmen with regards to the r&b space and only a couple of years prior, she burst onto the scene with her great voice that quickly had fans entranced. For quite a long time, Nao has been exhibiting her abilities through her different ventures, and presently, she is back with another collection called And Then Life Was Beautiful. This work is scheduled for September and meanwhile, she has been presenting a few singles to assist with advancing the venture.

Nao’s most recent single is a stunning song called “Pause” which includes the artist spilling her guts over some delectable creation. There is a genuine ethereal energy to the tune and on the off chance that you’re acquainted with Nao’s style, this track will be a prompt expansion to your r&b playlists.

Make certain to give this new single a twist, down underneath.


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