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KILLY enrolled Scarlxrd for the remix of probably the most recent single, “PYRO.”

KILLY is quite possibly the most reliable specialists out of Toronto. His beat choice is in every case incredibly on point and with regards to his energy, he generally carries some super charged tracks to his fans. Back in March, KILLY delivered the track “PYRO” which was a quick hit with his fans. The tune includes his unique streams all while giving audience members an unquestionable party banger.

Presently, KILLY is back with a remix of the tune which highlights Scarlxrd who is a British craftsman known for fusing metal into his tunes. On this remix, Scarlxrd presents a forceful section as he shouts on the mic and promptly makes his quality felt. His streams are quick and capricious however it makes for a genuinely invigorating listen that fanatics of the two specialists can appreciate.

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