Jenevieve – Eternal


Humming rookie Jenevieve discharges her third melody hitherto, “Unceasing.”

Jenevieve is a name you probably won’t be comfortable with yet, yet that will be evolving presently. The vocalist was highlighted in our keep going article on 6 New Artists You Should Hear, and around then, she truly just had two tunes added to her repertoire. Our top pick, at that point, was the deep motivated “Emblem” record, in spite of the fact that it was “Child Powder” that eventually gave Jenevieve her first taste of viral distinction, in the wake of appearing in March 2020 and piling up huge number of YouTube transfer. Presently, she has returned to grow her little yet-dope r’n’b index with the arrival of “Endless”- – and ideally, this additionally implies the LA-based craftsman has an appropriate collection underway.

“Interminable” offers a bit of an unexpected energy in comparison to “Emblem,” a bit more loose and free-moving, with breezy r’n’b creation coordinating with the artist’s light vocals, as she truly floats across the tune. The melody was delivered by means of music video, with the visuals keeping the topic flawless, as we see Jenevieve through a mirror of sorts, encircled by blossoms, compared with more obscure scenes of the artist moving on a rooftop, encircled by tall structures, in consummately refreshed ’90s clothing; the actual tune pulling a few ’90s motivation as well.

Look at Jenevieve, and let us know your opinion about the new artist in the remarks. In case you’re searching for all the more new r’n’b, hit up our R&B SEASON playlist on Spotify here.

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