Skrillex Feat. Starrah & Four Tet – Butterflies

2021 Owlsa/Atlantic

Skrillex collaborates with Four Tet and Starrah for the dancefloor-prepared new single “Butterflies.”

Skrillex might just have had the best rebrands in ongoing memory, having gone from fronting the emotional band From First To Last to becoming perhaps the greatest dj in the business. Presently, Skrillex has gotten back with another single in “Butterflies,” enrolling the help of Starrah and Four Tet for the up-rhythm house-motivated collab.

True to form, Skrillex’s creation is lavish and fastidious, his authority over the speed that of a rehearsed ace. He’s in good company in that evaluation, having enrolled another set up beatmaker in Four Tet. Together, they evoke a dancefloor-prepared piece of music without dunking into an offensive area. It’s the ideal scenery for Starrah to place in work, her erotic and intensely handled vocals adding character to the moderate banger. “Everyone love somðµbody,” she sings. “Know you’re not simply anyone, butterflies whðµn you contact my body.”

Look at Skrillex, Four Tet, and Starrah’s new single “Butterflies” at the present time.

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