Pi’erre Bourne – Groceries

2021 Interscope Records

Pi’erre Bourne comes through with his unmistakable skip on new single “Food.”

Pi’erre Bourne has gotten around here by and by, this chance to proclaim the forthcoming arrival of his new collection The Life Of Pi’erre 5 with the new single “Food.” Off the bat, his fingerprints are all around the instrumental, an oddly vibey banger that must be portrayed as eccentric. It’s been the setting for some a craftsman before, however today, everything’s saved for Pi’erre himself.

“Who you know get the sack like P, get the money like P, get the fans like me?” he asks, his voice plunged in autotune. “Like Soulja Boy got arranges on cards/she excessively youthful, I will not pass her the sleuth/new bitch let a n***a crush like Melee/her old n***a a square, Wayne Brady.” While some may feel the Wayne Brady defame is unpardonable, unmistakably Pi’erre is not really concerned. Truth be told, he keeps on divulging parts of his biography anyway he sees fit, realizing that he’s done all that could possibly be needed to get the devotion of his fanatic fanbase.

Should you consider yourself as a real part of that specific gathering, search for The Life Of Pi’erre 5 to land soon. For the time being, partake in this most recent serving of “Food.”

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