Westside Gunn Feat. Fabolous – Brick After Brick

2021 Epic Records

Westside Gunn and Fabolous discover shared belief on the hard-hitting two part harmony “Block After Brick.”

Westside Gunn and Fabolous probably won’t be the most comparative on an expressive level, yet the pair positively share a couple of unmistakable fascinations. It’s presumably why their pristine cooperation – showing up kindness of the Godfather Of Harlem soundtrack – is named “Block After Brick.”

Off the bat, the creation is a long ways from what Gunn commonly slides on, adding an extra portion of energy to his beginning “Ayo.” While he doesn’t generally get the acknowledge he merits as an emcee, Gunn stands head to head with Fab as he direly assaults his initial refrain with distinctive gangsta rap symbolism. Defaulting as the determined and gathered partner, Fab brings his mark zingers to the blend as he finishes things off with a definitive section.

In general, “Block After Brick” is a solid appearance from the two patrons, and we might dare to dream they keep on investigating this science on additional deliveries. Look at it now, and sound off – who do you think had the unrivaled refrain?

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