Tobe Nwigwe Feat. Fat Nwigwe – FYE FYE

Tobe Nwigwe LLC

Tobe Nwigwe and his better half Fat collaborate to spit a few bars on new single “FYE.”

Tobe Nwigwe has gotten back with his new single “FYE,” proceeding to demonstrate that he’s among the game’s more misjudged emcees with regards to the bars. As well as flaunting an astute pen game, Nwigwe is additionally unafraid to explore different avenues regarding his picked creation, and thusly, his tunes consistently feel considerably more unique. This one is no special case, and Tobe takes to Nell’s rankling uptempo banger like a man on a mission.

“I’m additional remarkable,” he starts, stretching his line for additional accentuation. “My entire quality shouts ability/I been listenin’ to Fela, Griselda, and Marvin Winans just to ensure I’m adjusted.” He continues to snap with an excessive conveyance, setting it up for his better half Fat Nwigwe to finish things off for certain bars of her own. “Gracious God, I’m additional unimposing, yet the hood call me Fat,” she spits. “Fire on me like Shadrach and Meshach/I save harmony for the piece.” Check out the pair placing in work at the present time, and sound off on the off chance that you can see the value in a couple who spit bars together.

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