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Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve’s next collection, “When I Get to Phoenix,” is coming very soon.

The previous summer, Jordan Alexander Groggs, a.k.a Stepa J. Groggs from the mixed Hip-Hop threesome Injury Reserve, died at 32 years old. Since affirming the emcee’s passing in a brief, yet sincere message on June 30, 2020, the gathering has avoided delivering any new music or remarking further on Groggs’ passing.

This week, in any case, Injury Reserve has risen up out of their rest and declared another collection, named By the Time I Get to Phoenix. In an extended articulation, Ritchie With a T and Parker Corey addressed the making of their impending record, just as Stepa J. Grogg’s significant effect on the task.

“While visiting Europe in 2019, we had a show in Stockholm that had been reserved toward the rear of an Italian eatery rather than an average scene,” the gathering clarifies in the explanation. “To coordinate with a specific absence of creation we turned the show into our own improvisatory take on a dj set and wound up playing out a melody none of us had heard previously, the board recording of which turned into the establishing for another collection.”

“Throughout the following not many months we secured and set up the 11 melodies that the collection would ultimately become,” Injury Reserve proceeded. “When the tracklist met up and we began to sort out it, one of the last telephone discussions we had with Groggs was over his adoration for the repurposing of Isaac Haye’s By the Time I Get to Phoenix to title the collection. Presently we were hit with his misfortune and obviously everything was required to be postponed.”

“In the end we regathered and felt most open to completing this collection we had made as it actually resounded completely (In certain regards in any event, taking on what wanted to frequent pre-echoes) or more all else remained consistent with his steady demand while recording to just ‘make some odd poop,'” they uncovered. “This said clearly this collection is committed to Jordan Alexander Groggs, otherwise known as Stepa J. Groggs with one p better take care of business.”

Look at the shocking collection cover underneath.

When I Get to Phoenix is set to show up on September 15, so while you persistently anticipate Injury Reserve’s approaching 11-track collection, look at the music video for “Knees” underneath. Find happiness in the hereafter, Jordan “Stepa J.” Groggs.

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