D Smoke – Shame On You

2021 WoodWorks Records/ EMPIRE

D Smoke isolates himself from the opposition on “Disgrace On You.”

California rapper D Smoke has been promoting off of his “Best Rap Album” Grammy assignment in 2020 for the majority of a year presently, utilizing the newly discovered accomplishment to set up new coordinated efforts in the business and grow his melodic skylines. With around 15 years of experience in the rap game, D Smoke’s isn’t attempting to waste time with his specific sound, yet rather discover a harmony between expressive profundity and high energy like a portion of his counterparts. This style shows totally in his new delivery, “Disgrace On You.”

Sponsored by a straightforward beat that blends dim piano sounds in with an exemplary drum design, D Smoke really separates himself from the opposition with steady stream changes and stand-apart verses. The snare, which discovers D Smoke talking down on his haters while flexing and accentuating his hard working attitude, is promptly appealing and nearly shows as a song of devotion. Each stanza appears to be changed as the rapper’s floes become increasingly unusual.

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