BIG30 – Backseat Of The Rolls Truck

2021 Bread Gang/N-Less

You can hear the Pooh Shiesty impact in BIG30’s new delivery.

BIG30, the 21-year-old best in class Memphis rapper, has been attempting to become well known in the developing Memphis rap scene with cherished companions and continuous colleague Pooh Shiesty. While his companion stays in prison, for the present, it appears to be it’s BIG30’s opportunity to briefly lead the sound that has burst out of Memphis. With “Rearward sitting arrangement Of The Rolls Truck,” it appears BIG30 is endeavoring to do precisely that.

Upon first tune in, relaxed rap fans who might have heard “Back in Blood” in passing might think “Secondary lounge Of The Rolls Truck” is just another track out of Pooh Shiesty’s discography. With the offbeat “Blrrrrrrd” advertisement libs yelled toward the start of the track and the downplayed piano beat, BIG30’s more fiery vocal tone is genuinely what throws him away from his peers.

BIG30’s stream isn’t excessively far off from those used by counterparts like Pooh Shiesty and Gucci Mane, however the Memphis sound is still new enough to give a lot of space to this redundancy. With everything taken into account, “Rearward sitting arrangement Of The Rolls Truck” is a commendable expansion to the Memphis sound.

Look at the track here:


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